Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carpool For A Better Tomorrow

With all the talk centered on global warming at the moment, it is only natural for us to think of ways to contribute towards reducing greenhouse gases which is the main cause of global warming. Whatever you ultimately choose to do (big or small), be it driving a hybrid car, reuse and recycle, using alternative energy, switching off appliances that you are not using or as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, it will have a cumulative effect on reversing the devastating effects of global warming.

It is a vicious cycle, really. When it gets warmer, you crank up the air-conditioning. This will result in higher energy usage which translates to higher greenhouse emissions. This will cause temperatures to increase further which will result in you cranking up the air-conditioning even higher! Let's also not forget about the harmful gases that will be released to the atmosphere especially for older air-conditioning models.

Carpool is one effective way to reduce greenhouse gases. As the largest automobile market in the Southeast Asian region, we definitely can make a huge difference by carpooling. Just imagine that instead of five single occupant cars on the road, four decided to leave their cars at home and carpool with a fifth friend. That is 80% of cars off the road everyday! Just think of all the traffic jams solved, the energy costs and time saved, and most importantly, what good it will do to the environment! is a site that can help you find a ride to work everyday and enables you to make a much needed change for the environment. Registration is fast and easy. They even have a savings calculator for you to see for yourself how much you are able to save just by carpooling.

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  3. i wonder...if i had a car...would anyone wanna pool with me? :D
    considering how excellent my driving skills are.

    perhaps a bicycle should be a good choice for me.