Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Teluk Ketapang Story Part 02: Why Teluk Ketapang & Where Is It?

So what is this mysterious place that must not be published in the newspapers, you ask? If we didn't go to Pantai Kerachut or Muka Head, where did we go then? Ever since the Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve was converted to the Penang National Park and the constant development of the area, more people have been frequenting the place. This used to be a place away from civilisation that I could go to and catch a breather. That has been taken away with the trails made easier and frequent boat rides for visitors to get there. Time to find a new place away from civilisation. Time for a new challenge.

Awhile back, we decided to explore Teluk Kampi, the longest white beach on the island of Penang. It was decided that Teluk Kampi will be the new challenge, the new respite from the world. Where is this Teluk Kampi? It is the beach after Pantai Kerachut. How do you get there? You'll have to reach Pantai Kerachut first before embarking on your journey to Teluk Kampi. It was quite a strenous climb as the slopes are steep. It will definitely give you a good workout, that's for sure. The path was not well established and we had to clear certain paths ourselves due to fallen trees and overgrown vegetation. Just the right challenge we were looking for.

Our effort was ultimately rewarded by the long, beautiful white beach at the other side of the hill, unspoilt by development, away from civilisation. I'm glad we managed to explore this place way before the Penang National Park made it one of their official trails. It would probably be less challenging and more people would have infested the area by now.

However, we were still not satisfied with our achievement of reaching Teluk Kampi. We wanted a new challenge and it was decided that Teluk Ketapang will be our next challenge. To get to Teluk Ketapang, you would have to make your way first to Teluk Duyong and start your journey there. It is a small sandy cove just past the Muka Head lighthouse. The trail is hardly, if ever, used. It may just be a 1.2km trail but it will prove anything but a walk in the park (no pun intended).

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