Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Teluk Ketapang Story Part 04: The Second Attempt

We tried again the following week after gathering more information on how to get to Teluk Ketapang. We tried several paths we created on our own but were met with dead-ends everytime. We finally managed to meet up with the boatman who sells drinks at one of the abandoned Boon Siew bungalows and he helped point us in the right direction.

We went into the forest again, this time in the right direction, determined and confident enough to venture forward. We finally found markers placed by previous hikers and followed them until we reached an area where quite a number of trees had fallen. It was after this that we couldn't find anymore markers and couldn't agree on which route to use. We tried a couple of routes although I knew deep down it was in the wrong direction. Since we didn't have a compass with us, I was unable to prove that the routes we were exploring were actually heading away from Teluk Ketapang. Some may claim that I'm indeed a walking compass (iPhone 3G S digital compass not included) but that is not enough.

To avoid any confrontation and cause worry to the other members of the group, I relented and helped explore those routes. In the end, the group decided not to pursue the routes in that direction any further and call it a day since it was way past lunchtime. In our next attempt, it was proven with a compass that these routes were indeed going in the wrong direction.

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