Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Teluk Ketapang Story Part 06: Welcome To Hotel Ketapang

It was still raining a little and the winds were blowing very strongly. We quickly put into motion the finding of a suitable location and building a temporary shelter for us to camp for the night. We were quite fortunate that the strong winds had uprooted a sea almond tree (pokok ketapang, hence the name of the cove). We broke off it's branches and used its leaves to build our bivouac. Since the cove is quite a popular spot for hotel guests due to its serenity and exclusivity, there were plenty of rubbish we could rummage through to find anything useful to us such as styrofoam boxes.

The front of our bivouac
The front of our bivouac made of branches and leaves of the sea almond tree

Our bivouac managed to shelter us from the strong winds and a little of the rain, keeping us warm. It stopped raining after a short while and since we had loads of time on our hands, we started to piece together events which we figured should be happening over at the other side (back in civilisation). It was later proven that our power of deduction was not only good, it was spot on.

The entrance of our bivouac
The entrance to Hotel Ketapang

We were hoping that our friends and/or families would realise by dinnertime that something was amiss and send help for us. We expected that by 11pm, a boat should arrive around the cape to take us home. When the boat didn't come, we knew for sure we had to stay at the shelter we had build, aptly called Hotel Ketapang. We would later discover that they did send a boat out to rescue us but had to turn back due to strong waves.

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