Friday, July 24, 2009

The Teluk Ketapang Story Part 11: The After Party

To celebrate our success in finally finding Teluk Ketapang (and staying alive to tell the tale), we had a small gathering the following week.

It was also a way to thank our friends who were instrumental in getting us back in one piece. From that one incident, we were reminded of how much we mattered to each other.

So, has the issue cooled down enough for our next adventure? ;)


  1. Woww..what a story! You remind of Bear Grylls from 'Man vs Wild'. I read the news in The Star and did not for one second think you could be one of the 'students' involved..haha.

    Anyway, good writing and I enjoy reading your posts! :)

    -Kah Meng (hope you still remember me)

  2. Sure I do. So how have you been?

    If you didn't think I was the one in The Star article, how did you come across this (neglected) blog of mine? :P

  3. Where is your next adventure destination? I suggest you mark it on google map before embarking your next hike. ;)

  4. That will remain a secret for the time being although we've made provisions in event another drama arises. ;)

  5. Very exciting story, would you draw me a map (with directions) how to get to Teluk Ketapang. I know where is the Boon Siew Bungalow, but just don't know how to find the way (route) into Teluk Ketapang from there. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for your comment and your interest in Teluk Ketapang, Peter. Although I've gone back a couple of times after the incident, it may not be wise for you to trek there especially with the park rangers being more strict now.

    You can hire a boat at the Boon Siew bungalow to safely take you there and back. However, I wouldn't advise you to go in such weather.

  7. Thank you for your concern. I don't mind the rangers if they won't let me go, I will try again another time. As for the weather, I love the rain, but will take your advise when it is sunny to make the hike, and I won't go alone. I will also carry my GPS to do a trace route in case I lost my way. Would you be kind enough to describe to me the way on a map--I can give you my email address--if you agree. Thanks