Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blogger Admits Faulty Algorithm

Finally, Blogger has admitted their spam blog detection system is faulty! This is a good first step since you can only rectify a problem IF you admit having the problem. They term their new splog detection algorithm the "automatic spam classifier". Hmmm, can't they come up with a name that is not so lame?

In the announcement on Blogger Buzz regarding this issue, they claim that false positives is very low and they are working on reducing such incidents by improving their systems. Hmmm, why didn't they think of that in the first place before implementing?!? Low percentage of false positives? Have they seen the extend of the problem highlighted on Google Groups?!?

It seems that the spam classifier will automatically delete blogs after a certain time. Now, this is a very serious matter! Looks like the captcha verification problems faced by genuine blogs is related to the disappearing blogs problem that is popping up like wild mushrooms at Google Groups! I do hope my affected blogs will not end up in some Blog Heaven (or Hell) because of their incompetence. I'm already pissed that I've been inconvenienced with the captcha verification thingy. I'm be DAMN pissed if they deleted my blogs.

(click to enlarge)

They claim they will delete the blogs if they do not receive a response from the user after a significant amount of time but how do we contact them when you always get the error page above when you try to contact them? Worse, they do not respond to or acknowledge your emails to their support email, how is it that you know you are considered among those that have responded to them? Blogger has the worst support system among all Google's services I've written to. Just horrible! They give Google such a bad name.

Now that they have acknowledged this problem, they should seriously start looking into enabling the genuine blogs that were affected by their faulty spam classifier. They claim to fix the problems that are reported to them in one business day. I've been compounded with this problem for way over THREE WEEKS! You tell me that's not more that one business day. Contacting them seems to be useless since they don't bother at all. I've contacted them uncountable times already! Are you asking me to do it one more time just for the fun of it?

This problem has seriously hampered my blogging for the past few weeks and I'm seriously considering migrating to Wordpress. Maybe I should just give Blogger one last chance but my instincts tell me it's just useless and my instincts are more than often right. Maybe I'll go against my instincts this time. One last time, Blogger....ONE LAST TIME!!! Give me back my blog! Go get the real splogs out there and leave us genuine blogs be!


  1. hey splogger...
    hope that your splog won't burn in splog hell too :(

    then my life won't be the same anymore....

  2. then maybe you can help write to blogger support and fight my case! :P