Thursday, April 06, 2006

American Idol 5: Mandisa Eliminated

It has happened. It was bound to happen sooner or later and now has. Mandisa Hundley has been eliminated from American Idol 5 on Country Week. This is very shocking news to me. She might not exactly be the best looking contestant on American Idol 5 but she's definitely one very talented singer and one who is highly rated by the Idol judges (yes, even Simon Cowell whom earlier made a snide comment on her weight issues).

I had initially thought Paris Bennett will be given the boot this week with her lacklustre performance of "How Do I Live", a song I'm very fond of and her rendition was definitely nowhere near acceptable although Simon Cowell said her performance was excellent! *roll eyes* Hmmm, I think Country music is definitely not his forte. At least my judgement was somehow substantiated with Paris being one of three contestants with the lowest number of votes. ;)

I had actually wanted to blog on the commendable performance of two contestants chosing Keith Urban's songs on a difficult Country Challenge Week with Ace Young performing "Tonight I Wanna Cry" and Chris Daughtry with "Making Memories of Us" but this news definitely warrants some highlighting.

The rumour-mill has started with allegations of racism being the cause of Mandisa (affectionately referred to as Man-diva by her fans) being eliminated and Paris Bennett will be the next victim. This is not the first time American Idol has been blighted with such accusations though. It's likely that popularity plays a bigger role than talent since it is based on a public voting system but let's face it, if that was true, girls (and gays alike :P) would have voted in a frenzy for Ace Young just based on his looks but he has been in the bottom three twice already! I truly believe this year will be a guy's year with so many truly talented male contestants (and three female contestants already eliminated from the Top 12). I just hope it's not Taylor Hicks. :P

Looks like American Idol 5 will again be highly unpredictable. Let's hope the truly talented contestants will remain on the show and those who deserve to go do go. America, get your act together!

(pictures from American Idol)


  1. awe man! I liked her voice, though she is so not a country singer

  2. yea...she's more of a soul singer and country week was tough for many of the contestants. will miss her voice...

  3. oh dear, and i was hoping to find out tonight during the show.

    well, there goes the suspense... would've been nice to put a warning so people who don't wanna know the results...

  4. aaarrggh!! you took away the suspense!

  5. thanks a lot for pinging the damn title that way and taking away the suspense for the rest of us.

    there are other better ways to whore your blog you know.

  6. @anon & laksa
    sorry about's widely available on the internet now anyways...

    i'm sure that's the reason you ping petalingstreet but it's not mine...thanks for your comment anyway...

  7. That was so not on man.. I was looking forward to watching it this evening.. Be careful next time

  8. @tv man
    truly sorry...purely unintentional...

    now vincent, this is how you make comments!

  9. How did you know she was gonna go? I'm impressed.

  10. i didn't know she was gonna go...i definitely did not want her to go.

    then i saw the results online....that's how i knew she was eliminated which is kinda shocking, really!

  11. Bah. I just hope Katharine stays till the finals. Paris MURDERED the song. I thought she would've been out but I'm predicting that a southerner might very well win the idol with the majority amount of votes coming from that part of the States.

  12. hmmm...another mcphee my brothers and cousins.... :P

    maybe looks do count! ;)

  13. My apologies. I am not used to being civil and polite to inconsiderate people.

  14. i understand ur actions perfectly well as i was exactly the same many years ago...fortunately, i'm no longer that type of person... :)

    i come to learn that to err is human and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise...and sarcasm is just a defence mechanism... :)

    truly honoured to have you revisit this lowly blog...(no sarcasm intended, no sarcasm needed)