Saturday, April 15, 2006


I've been waiting for this day for way too long now. Finally, Blogger Support has verified that all my affected blogs are indeed not splogs and I don't need to go through the annoying captcha word verification anymore everytime I want to update my blog! I feel so vindicated! Cue song from Dashboard Confessional! (Yes, I do feel like swinging from building to building like Spiderman!!!)

"Vindicated" music video by Dashboard Confessional

You can imagine my expression when I received this email below from Blogger Support.

I quickly login to my Blogger account to check and indeed the annoying captcha verification thingy is gone! Yippee!!!

See the highlighted area? No more nonsensical words! Compare that to the screenshot of when my blogs were affected below.

I never want to see you again anymore, you hear me? This is a genuine blog and I'm a serious and genuine blogger! Go get the real splogs out there!

Thank you Blogger Support.


  1. hey splogger, now u are a blogger again!

    yay! i'm happy for u :)

  2. yay! u're a blogger again!! congrats!! *clap, clap, clap*

  3. yea being wrongfully labelled a sploger...

    thanks for dropping by again!

  4. hey, congrats! hahaa..
    so, since when you been indicated as sploger?

  5. nvm, ignore my first comment, i have read it from another entry. :)
    you have a nice blog!

  6. was a frustrating few weeks really.

    thanks for the compliment and thanks for dropping have a nice blog too... :)