Saturday, April 15, 2006

Da Vinci Code Quest On Google

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Yehhh!!! Another Da Vinci Code Quest and this time Google's part of it! Better still, they are giving away a whole load of wonderful prizes!!! Yippee! But wait...what's that you say? The competition is ONLY open to residents of the United States, United Kingdom and Australia? WTF?!? Where can?!?!? I want to participate!!!

This just sucks. Here I was thinking I could go on another Da Vinci Quest but now I'm just disappointed as hell. This quest will begin on the 17th of April 2006 (or 18th depending on your location). For 24 days, you will encounter unique challenges and these daily puzzles will pull you deeper into the world of The Da Vinci Code.

You would need a Google Personalized Homepage to get in the action since the puzzles will only be accessible through that channel. If you already have a Google Account (be it Gmail or other Google services), you are fine. Phase 1 will consist of 24 daily skill based, time-sensitive puzzles. You can solve the puzzles in whichever sequence you prefer before the 11th May 2006 dateline. I'm not going into details for the Final Phase or essay writing tie-breaker since I'm totally not eligible to participate! :(

Well, I should be satisfied that at least I'm able to solve the 24 daily puzzles. It's a good prelude to the launch of the movie worldwide on 19th May 2006 (18th May for Malaysia and some countries). The second trailer is already available online and the first trailer can be accessed through here. Really looking forward to the movie.


  1. one month more to the movie...yay! can't wait either!

    i wonder how the movie will turn out, usually movies based on books aren't always as good as the book, but that's just imho... ;)

  2. the movie will be good, no doubt about it...i've been browsing through its website will loads of teasers to uncover (what do you expect? this IS the famed da vinci code, no?)'s going to be great!

  3. i definitely hope U are right my dear. because i have been disappointed many times by really cool trailers... :)

    but let's just hope that i am SO damn wrong... ;)
    none the less,i still feel the excitement getting higher!

  4. go to the website and poke'll see what i mean...