Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Malaysian Movie: Gubra (A Sequel to Sepet)

I'm really looking forward to this movie which opens in cinemas nationwide tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will be able to find the time (or motivation) to see this show in the cinema though. Maybe I'll end up waiting for it to appear on television instead like Sepet.

Gubra is the much anticipated sequel to Sepet, one that I was quite skeptical about (if you read through my comments here). I mean you can't exactly blame me right? The story for Sepet was about the love of those two individuals and when one of them dies, part of the story goes with it, no? I didn't think there was a possibility of a sequel (or a working one, at least) at all at that time. That has all changed, after viewing the trailer below.

From the trailer, I could somehow see how the story will pan out and I foresee it to be really interesting indeed. It's not exactly the best trailer ever been made but it does show how the movie will be like (even if it can be quite confusing). Anyway, I'll put up a review of the movie when I get a chance of watching it. Hope it will be another award-winning movie from Yasmin Ahmad.


  1. No one said that one of them died in Sepet!

    Jason is too cute to die! Heh.

    I can't wait for Gubra too. Another 18 more hours to go. Wheee!

  2. erm....sorry to spoil ur ecstasy but...jason did die in sepet!!!

  3. The trailer was crap.
    The movie was good.

  4. i suppose i've to agree with you on the trailer! :P

    can't comment on the movie yet since have not watched it but i truly hope it will be great.

    that's wat matters rite? a crappy trailer but good movie instead of good trailer but crappy movie... ;)

  5. ohh
    i never even watched sepet
    i am ashamed!

  6. oh can you not watch sepet?!?

    by the way, i've not watched puteri gunung ledang... :P

  7. whatever you do, stay until the end of the credits

  8. ooo...i'll remember to do that! thanks!!!