Saturday, April 14, 2007

All The Fuss Over A 'Wayang Kadbod'

I really don't know what's all the fuss about. The wayang kulit (shadow puppet theater), I mean wayang kadbod entitled Tragedi Kg. Berembang is not even that entertaining or controversial.

If the authorities want to be worried over anything, it's the woman in this video and not some wayang kadbod.

The woman in the video is so emotionally charged, she'll win a debate against anyone, anytime of the day. If someone would to sponsor her to speak from state to state all over Malaysia about the demolition of her house and 50 others in Kampung Berembang, she would definitely win many hearts over. Now, that's something to be really worried about. Not some wayang kadbod performed by some kids. Kicking a fuss over some kids' art project is just lame. The authorities are just making something out of nothing. So free ah? Go catch some real criminals lah!

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