Monday, April 30, 2007

Perodua Viva Launch - 10th May 2007?

According to this advertisement in today's copy of The Star, the new Perodua Viva (codenamed D18D) will be launched on NTV7's Thursday Night Live at 9pm on 10th May 2007.

Perodua Viva Paper Ad
(click to enlarge)

Even before spyshots of the car turned up on the internet, interest in this Kancil and Kelisa Replacement Model has been as great as that of the Perodua Myvi (if not greater), launched two years ago. The Perodua Kancil makes up a huge portion of the company's sales and with the launching of a much improved model to replace its highly successful flagship model coupled with continued strong demand for the Perodua Myvi, Malaysia's second national car manufacturer is definitely going in the right direction unlike its big brother, Proton.

Perodua Viva Spyshot
(click to enlarge)

Apart from the paper ad, there's also a teaser advertisement on The Star Online. Hovering your mouse over the ad will play you a teaser video clip of the car. Clicking on the ad will bring you here.

Perodua Viva Teaser Site
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At this website, you are presented with a mixer. You are asked to adjust the sliders to reflect your preference in a car. After making a choice under the "Money & U" section, you click submit and will be prompted to fill up a simple form. After filling your contact details, you will receive this in your email.

Perodua Viva Car Recommendation Email Reply
(click to enlarge)

Based on the choices you've made in the mixer site, you will be presented with your choice of car. Mine seems to be "Glittering Silver 1000", probably meaning the 1000cc version. As long as it's not Passion Red, I'm a happy camper.

The Perodua Viva is rumoured to cost between RM28,000 to RM46,000 which is a little pricey when you compare it to the Perodua Myvi with a price range of RM39,000 to RM50,000. Anyway, I can't wait for the launching of this model and to see one up-close with my own eyes. You can view more spyshots and specifications of the new Perodua Viva here and here, respectively.

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