Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let Existing Penang Bus Companies Suffer

Last year, the Penang bus companies threatened to cease operations. [PDF]
Penang bus firm to cease operations

A bus service operator here is about to cease operations due to the new zoning system imposed on April 1.

Angkasa Barisan (M) Sdn Bhd chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Ali Kadir said: "I am quitting because I have lost confidence in the Co-operative and Entrepreneurial Development Ministry, CVLB (Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board) and the state government. [...]
A few weeks back, they cried for a buyout. [PDF]
Cry for a 'buyout'

[...] To avoid any unhealthy competition, Lim suggested the Federal Government buy them out.

"There will definitely be stiff competition among the drivers of existing bus companies and those from RapidPenang when they compete against each other to pick up customers," he said. [...]
Now, they say they are prepared to face the challenge posed by RapidPenang. [PDF]
Prepared for challenge

Penang bus operators are prepared to face challenges from RapidPenang which will begin operations in the state in August.

Milan Travel Sdn Bhd manager Lim Theam Hock said the company would work doubly hard to serve commuters in the island. [...]
Just makes you wonder if they are ever serious in tackling the chronic public transportation issue in Penang. The arrival of RapidPenang will provide the healthy competition that is needed to help solve Penang's public transportation woes. It's HEALTHY competition, Mr. Lim of Milan Travel, not unhealthy competition as what you are so wrongfully trying so hard to point out. Like the saying goes, if the fire is too hot, get out of the kitchen!

Let there be no buyout. Let them bleed financially if they can't compete. Let them pay for the sufferings and exploitation of Penangites all these years. Let them be bankrupted and all assets sold off cheaply to RapidPenang and all worthy workers absorbed into the expanded company. All unscrupulous workers should be left to suffer for their hand in making Penangites' commute a living nightmare.

The existing bus companies have been given too many chances to provide acceptable public transportation for Penangites. Too long have Penangites been made to suffer in the hands of these irresponsible crooks. Enough is enough. It is payback time!

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