Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Decluttering

For my loyal readers, you may have realised yet another new look for "Just So You Know". With increasing content, the blog would need some spring cleaning sooner or later. I decided maybe it was high time I did some blog decluttering.

As you know, the sidebar for the previous layout was filled to the brim with stuff. It was quite unsightly, I admit but I didn't have the means to do something about it then. Recently however, I found a way to implement AJAX to categorise and declutter the links on the sidebar, not only keeping the sidebar neat, tidy and presentable but also applying a little cool factor to the blog. You have to admit clicking repeatedly on the menu headers to reveal the contents of each category is kinda fun.

I've kept the minimalist look since my intention is to declutter the blog, no? Nothing makes the blog more busy like adding too many colours to the layout. I know many have commented how plain (and dull) the previous layout was. The good news is, it's not that dull anymore. The bad news is, it's still plain but I'm sure you'll come to enjoy the "clean look" sooner or later. Like I said, very zen.

Some have also stated their dislike for the relatively much narrower column (compared to the layout before that) but like I've explained, it is for the good of my readers. You don't see Reader's Digest or newspapers printing their articles from left to right, do you? No, they break it down to smaller columns for easier reading. The same concept applies here.

You may realise that you are able to right-click on the blog now. I've removed that restriction as I feel it does make it somewhat difficult to browse around the blog although it does help prevent people from stealing photos from my blog. However, my readers come first. So, the right-click restriction has to go. I've however included a huge Creative Commons logo to remind all that the contents of this blog is protected by a Creative Commons license.

I still have some grouses of my own regarding this layout. Like how it uses tables instead of full CSS implentation for the columns. For someone who has used both to create websites, I would have to say I very much prefer CSS than tables. I've already seen some errors on this website due to the use of tables instead of CSS but nothing too serious. It should be easy for me to change the layout to full CSS but I'll be doing that some other time.

Anyway, enough talk. Try out the new layout and tell me what you think about it. Do let me know if you encounter any errors along the way. I don't know about you but I really like it very much. (That would be a no-brainer, no?) :P


  1. the truth is out there:

    1. yes, the side bar is nicer now.
    2. could your logos be any bigger? :)
    3. got used to the narrow columns. it is nice to read this way.
    4. no errors encountered yet...
    5. right click makes life a little easier, thanks. don't worry, won't steal your pictures :P
    6. any more decluttering planned? still looks messy to me...haha...but u know why, it's those ads. but i'll stay off that topic. i know it's a sensitive issue. pretend i didn't mention number 6!

    other than that, u keep it going my friend. love to read u always, cheers.

  2. 1-yea, that's the major change in this layout

    2-logos bigger for a reason: to catch the eyes of new readers; to subscribe to the blog and also not to steal its contents.

    3-that's really good to know. if you've read through those full width left-to-right blogs, you would know how much strenuous it is on your eyes!

    4-i hope there will be none. :P

    5-you can use them but just link back, that's all. :)

    6-i thought i've made them quite inconspicuous already! :P