Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Find A Friend With FoundYouOnline.com

Have you ever wanted to find a long lost friend but didn't know how to? Well, the internet has definitely helped in this arduous task and FoundYouOnline.com (FYO1) will help you do just that.

FYO1 is one of many dating and personals sites available online but with a little twist. Not only can you find new online friends, you can also find your old friends through a range of categories available in their directory including schools and the military. Yes, the military. All from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines to the Navy. Personally, this is the first one I've seen that includes a category for the military. Now, that's really something different.

Registration is free but some of the services are only available in the United States. People outside the United States won't be able to find their classmates or military pals but of course that won't stop people from other parts of the world from meeting new friends from the United States. The personals and dating services are very much available for anyone around the world.

I've joined a few "Find Your Classmates" services before which also caters to other countries apart from the United States but they never really catch on like Myspace or Friendster. This may be a paid review but still I'm not sure if FYO1 will be any different but I guess it's worth a try and the military category seems useful for those who are/were in the service.

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