Friday, May 04, 2007

New Perodua Viva Teaser Email

Perodua today sent a new Perodua Viva teaser email to those who participated in their "What love can do for you?" survey which contained a photo of the new car's headlamp.

Perodua Viva Teaser Email
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From the increase in traffic to my announcement regarding launching date of the upcoming Perodua Viva (codenamed D18D) , I dare say there is great interest in this car which will be replacing the popular and affordable Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa, and will undoubtedly sell as well (if not better) than the very successful Perodua Myvi.

Perodua Viva Spyshot
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The headlamp in the teaser email is similar to the spyshots circulating around the internet, thus confirming the authenticity of the spyshots. If that is the case, we have a major upgrade to the current Kancil and Kelisa models. At this stage, it looks very possible that sales of the Proton Savvy would be hampered even further with the introduction of the Perodua Viva.

Perodua Viva Teaser Email

Before receiving the teaser email, I was spammed with about 20 emails meant for other participants of the survey. The details derived from the emails were quite interesting. For one, most participants were recommended the colour Glittering Silver. Only three received Passion Red recommendations.

Half of those seem to have preference (based on the survey) for the 850cc model and 40% preferred the 660cc model. Only two (including me) were recommended the 1000cc model. If these figures are anything to go by and representative of those actually interested in purchasing the Kancil and Kelisa Replacement Model, Perodua will experience a smooth transition from these two models to the new Perodua Viva. The Kancil 850 was the most popular model and the trend looks like continuing with the Perodua Viva 850.

Based on the figures above, it is fair to say that those aspiring to purchase a Glittering Silver Perodua Viva 850 will have to wait for awhile due to the high preference in this particular model. So those who would want their cars sooner may want to go for a different colour. Passion Red is confirmed to be offered for the new Perodua Viva. Other rumoured colours include Ivory White, Ebony Black, Sapphire Blue, Tropical Green and Pearl Jade.

Perodua Viva Teaser Site
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Perodua has promised to send more updates on the new car and with just a week to go before the official launching, the updates may be coming thick and fast! If you've not participated in the survey, you may want to do so here and get a recommendation for your new Perodua Viva.

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