Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Student Loan Consolidation and Scholarship Search With NextStudent

Education is ever more important these days but it is not getting any cheaper to obtain that paper qualification. More and more students are forced to take up an education loan or look for scholarships to further their education these days. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for my Masters degree but I was forced to take up an education loan for my undergraduate degree. It's definitely not easy to get awarded a scholarship, let alone search for one. Fortunately, NextStudent offers services to help search for a suitable scholarship and also help you with student loan consolidation.

It may be a service targeted to students in the United States but it can be helpful for foreign students planning to further their education in the United States too. Their online scholarship search engine comprises of more than 42,000 college fundings all in one place. I do find this to be quite useful and I'm not saying this just because this is sponsored. If you need help securing an education loan or consolidating your current loan, NextStudent will be able to help you potentially save thousands of dollars in interest. Consolidation allows student loan borrowers to combine all of their federal student loans into one easy to manage payment and also cuts borrowers payments by as much as 60%.

For those who intend on continuing on in college, they also provide private student loans. Loan amounts can be up to the full cost of your education expenses and no payments are required until after graduation. There's also no application fees involved and no application deadlines to meet. Funds are sent directly to you and not through the school.

So, if you are intending to further your education or considering to consolidate your student loan, you may want to give NextStudent a visit.

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