Thursday, May 10, 2007

Final Perodua Viva Teaser Ad And Email

A full page advertisement for the launching of the Perodua Viva (codenamed D18D) which will happen on NTV7's Thursday Nite Live: "True Love Special" at 9pm tonight.

Perodua Viva Final Advertisement
(click to enlarge)

The Perodua Viva ads are everywhere. They are even on Windows Live Messenger!

Perodua Viva ad on Windows Live Messenger

The Perodua team also sent a final teaser email which includes photos of the new car's dashboard and steering wheel.

Perodua Viva Teaser Email
(click to enlarge)

Remember to catch the show tonight to watch the unveiling of the new Perodua Viva which will be the Kancil and Kelisa replacement model. Here are some related articles regarding the Perodua Viva that may interest you.

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