Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How You Doin'?

Yes, it's the phrase our lovable Joey Tribiani uses to flirt with girls. After the comedy series Friends ended, the creators thought it would be a great idea to create a spin-off from the series (and obviously to earn more $$$). The end result? We have Joey in his very own series, Joey! And yes, I've watched the whole Season 1 before one episode has been aired over Malaysian television. :P

Surprisingly, I believe I can count the amount of times he said that phrase in Joey! Joey Tribiani no longer a flirt?!? Well, he did try at the end of the season....(don't want to give too much away now, do we?) Another character I like apart from Joey (who can not like Joey?!?) in the series is his new agent - Bobbie. She's just great! She adds so much flavour into this series! Hmmm...think of it as putting plenty of dumb/ignorant/whatever-you-call-it people together. I think that's a recipe of comical success! Well, I just think they are ignorant people...I don't like to call them dumb but hey, Joey admitted it himself!

Another good spin-off in my opinion would be about Phoebe. These two characters just crack me up all the time on Friends. The rest, in my opinion, wouldn't be as successful. However, I have to say I hate the set for Joey (meaning his house since most of the time the show is shot there). It just looks so fake! Not one bit like his apartment in Friends. Where's the messy and fun Joey that we know and grew to like? There's only the one-night-stand Joey now! The set for Friends were so real and so much better, IMHO.

Anyway, it really amazes me how he could have afforded to move into such a luxurious apartment when he didn't have a job at the time he reached Hollywood! All the furniture and appliances looked so expensive! Remember how he couldn't even afford to pay bills in his old apartment when Chandler moved out? Hmmm...maybe he dipped into his "Lose-Your-Looks" Fund. Another thing that bugs me is that neither did any of his friends (from Friends) call him up to ask how was his 'big move' to Hollywood or even a short call from Joey to ask his friends how were things going on with the rest, seeing that they were so close in Friends. I understand the creators didn't want Friends to overshadow this show but it just doesn't make much sense close friends not contacting each other. It will be screened on Malaysian TV soon and it is a must watch. I felt so much younger after watching it!!! :)

(pictures from NBC)


  1. how u doin? ;)
    waiting for it to reach our tv screens...i've never seen a man treasure a sandwich as much as joey!

  2. Hmmm...I have some surprises for you all in my lab later today. ;)