Monday, March 27, 2006

Keith Urban

Have been listening to music by Keith Urban lately. Who's Keith Urban? Well, he's a country singer whose music I recently discovered and I'm stuck on them now.

Two songs which stood out first (probably due to the fact that they were on the Top 100 Songs of the day on the iTunes Music Store :P) were You'll Think Of Me and I Wanna Cry Tonight. Very nice music and quite meaningful lyrics. They didn't sound that country to me at first. I was actually quite surprised when I found out they were categorised as country music. I have in total six of Keith Urban's most popular songs but I still like these two the most (probably because the rest were more country compared to these two).

Coutry music don't really appeal to me much and only a few songs and singers from this genre I will find interesting, which is truly rare indeed to start with. I can't really explain how, what or why I like his songs but somehow I do. I might just be tempted to get all the songs on all of his five albums! :P I truly doubt it, though. Anyway, tell me what you think of his music, well at least for the two songs that I like most.


  1. drooool........
    sumbody plz hand me a tissue fer goodness sake.haha...

    shern shern aaa,u shud bring his songs to lab so i can sample.if it's as good as u said so (or as good as his face)!


  2. rerama...i also have his song, but u never ask me...(actually my sister's...)

    kshern: i only like the first one u mentioned :)
    haven't heard of the second one. my sis has another, i forgot the title...!
    since u like some country songs, maybe i should introduce u to another band. but the concept is still the same for country and me: only some songs are acceptable. i think the same for u too,eh? ;)

  3. @ikanrerama
    haiyo...i knew u all will drool over his face rather than his music!!! :P

    days go by? making memories of us?

  4. no no...i meant the OTHER song...the one you forgot the title...

  5. i forgot already to answer? :P

  6. go through her songs and check ler... :P or you can preview the songs using itunes or on his website.

    i think it's 'making memories of us' la...