Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Case Of Bus Driver Abusing Passenger

In today's copy of The Star Metro Northern Edition, we discover that there has been another case of passenger abuse by an express bus driver. The Star is always very slow at updating their online Metro Northern Edition, so I will have to quote and link to the article later on when it is up. For the time being, here's a copy of the article which I've scanned from the newspaper.

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UPDATE: Here's the article.
Passenger: Bus driver abused me

A DISGRUNTLED marketing manager lodged a police report alleging that an express bus driver used abusive words and bullied him.

About one hour after leaving the Puduraya bus station on Saturday night, Ong Kuan Yeu, 41, claimed that the bus driver cursed him with four-letter words when he asked him to pull over at the nearest rest and recreation area.

Ong said he was travelling by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang with his wife. They were on their way back home after attending a relative's wedding.

"The bus driver stopped by the road side at 9.30pm and forced me to urinate there.

"I asked him how he could do this to me as I have paid for the bus ticket.

"He shouted at me, using abusive words. I was standing near the driver's seat at that time and suddenly he lunged forward, and grabbed my shirt. I was scared as he was taller.

"I was struggling to free myself and in the process I suffered bruises on my fingers and upper chest," he claimed, adding that the passengers appeared baffled.

Ong said the driver finally pulled over at a rest and recreation area about 20 minutes after the incident.

"I went to relieve myself. After that, I sat quietly until we arrived in Penang at 1am the next morning," he said.

Ong lodged a report at the Jalan Patani police station on Sunday.

"This is this first time in my life I encountered such a problem. I am a frequent traveller.

"I usually go to Kuala Lumpur by bus at least once a month for business matters but I never had any such problem before," he said when complaining about the matter to The Star yesterday.

A spokesman for the express bus firm, when contacted, said his company would look into the matter.

"However, since the passenger has lodged a police report, let the police carry out their investigation," he said.

After the uproar of the Konsortium Bus Driver Abuse video here in Malaysia and the Bus Uncle incident in Hong Kong, this story couldn't have come at a better time. Is it that dangerous to take the bus nowadays be it the public or express buses? Are we all living such stressful lives that we are a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode? Are we so inconsiderate and impatient nowadays that we can't settle things in a more civilised manner? Must we resort to violence to settle our differences? We humans still have a lot to learn to be better people. We claim to be civilised but somehow we are far from being civil.

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