Monday, June 12, 2006

Would You Bury Your Garden Waste?

The lengths I would go to for the environment...

Yes, that's a large hole in an unused corner of my lawn with garden waste that would fill something like ten black garbage bags. This is after the ten bags or so from last week and another few the week before that we discarded in black garbage bags. Yup, that's how much garden waste my lawn can produce. Finally, the garden is in pristine condition but we are just totally exhausted! I would do anything for a Balinese massage.

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  1. i'm impressed...
    in your previous post i wanted to say some things, but got problem with blogger, cannot get i gave up.

    anyways, from my heart and soul: good job!

    wish there were more people like u. my neighbour loves to burn all the dried leaves, can u pls help to educate him? hate him... ;)

  2. must still write!!! i'm waiting for it. as i'm writing this, blogger is acting up again... :P's difficult to educate these people cos if it was possible, they wouldn't need educating in the first place. just forward him the post for him to make a judgement for himself. :)