Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup 2006 Prediction

Tonight's match between hosts Germany and free-scoring Argentina will start off the quarterfinals of the 2006 World Cup and should be a cracker! People always ask me which team do I support in the tournament. Personally, I do not have any preference. I do not give a rat's ass which team actually lifts the World Cup. As long as a team plays beautiful, attractive, attacking football, that's the team I support. Joga Bonito!

I sort of feel that this could possibly be England's year although truthfully, they've been playing really horrible throughout the tournament so far. The odds seems to be stacked against them at the moment but somehow, this could be a 'revenge year' for England. They will come up against Portugal the team that sent them home during EURO 2004. If it is indeed a 'revenge year', they will beat Portugal and proceed to the semifinals.

Between the Brazil and France match, Brazil will be the team to proceed to the semifinals to face England. This is of course based on the 'revenge year' hypothesis that England will eventually beat Brazil in the semifinals, the team that sent them packing during World Cup 2002. England will eventually face either Argentina or Germany in the finals. Have I forgotten about the Italy-Ukraine match? Well, if the 'revenge year' hypothesis is true, then this match wouldn't matter at all since They will face either Argentina or Germany in the semifinals and either one of those teams will be my pick to reach the finals to face England.


I would personally prefer Argentina to proceed to the finals to face England. This way, England can avenge Diego Maradona's 'Hand of God' and make that fat blob cry like a little girl. Maybe through England's 'Butt of God'? ;) Wouldn't that be a sight? Although England can avenge Germany kicking them out during EURO 1996 which was on home ground, I feel that Germany might have more of an advantage with the home crowd this time. Also, let's not forget that England has already thrashed Germany on German soil a few years back so I believe that is enough retribution. Of course, if England would to life the World Cup on German soil, it would hurt the Germans that much more. Killing two birds with one stone! ;)

[SOURCE: Soccernet]

My pick (based on 'revenge year' hypothesis):

Germany - Argentina
Italy - Ukraine
England - Portugal
Brazil - France

Argentina - Italy
England - Brazil

Argentina - England

So, if the 'revenge year' hypothesis is true, the English will lift the World Cup this year. Will this hypothesis be proven wrong? Time will tell. Of course, almost always things don't always go as planned, right? For your information though, I'm not an England fan. I prefer watching Argentina and Spain play since the play really beautiful, attractive, attacking football. Joga Bonito!!!


  1. steven gerrard is going to kick ass tonight...!! woo hoo...

    joga bonita.
    but i truly agree with u, england has been playing a very non-bonita game...hope they will buck up!

  2. bonito la wei....not bonita! :P

    i seriously doubt they will play attractive attacking football. not enough flair in their ranks.

  3. sorry babe...
    my spanish always in the way. bonita is spanish.

    your bonito shoud be portuguese i think...hehehe

  4. yea, that's right...just a mixture of languages. :)

    well, there goes the 'revenge year' hypothesis! :P