Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spiderman 3 Teaser

The teaser for the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie is out. Oh man, this looks good! Spiderman becomes a baddie! The suit looks really, really good. Spiderman 3 is already coming out next summer and I've not watched Spiderman 2 yet! Or have I? The first one is about the Green Goblin right? Then the second one should be about Dr. Octopus. If so, then I've watched it! :P You can't blame me for not remembering right? The last time I've actually went to the cinemas to watch a movie is way back in December 2004 to watch Alexander. How lame is that! (you don't have to answer that!) :P

It's not that I've been stocking up on DVDs or anything. It's just that I sometimes can't find the time or motivation to watch a movie at the cinemas. Sometimes I just watch it when it eventually screens on Astro. If anyone is kind enough to help end my one-and-a-half-year streak by donating generously to the "KSLee Compasionate Fund", to get my butt in a cineplex (among other things), you are gladly invited to do so. I believe it is tax deductible. I'll have to get back to you on that after I consult with my accountant. Receipts will be issued, though. Any takers? ;)

To watch a much better version of the teaser, you can visit here. It is very much worth the effort, really.


  1. ur so lame~!! ahahax..
    superman comin out this week..
    nt interested in that??

  2. hey, i said you don't have to answer that! and you are seriously looking for major trouble for choosing to make your first comment an insult, you freaking phantom reader!

    anyway, the answer to your question depends on how generous your donation is. ;)

  3. yeah, phantom can u insult him?? only i get to do that!!!

    so lame shern...u shud get ur butt to watch a movie. if u are nice, maybe i will consider donating into your fund. but u forgot to bring something for me which i really how...hmm...? hehe.. ;)

  4. i do watch movies, alone and no disturbance in the middle of the nite, on HBO/Cinemax/StarMovies with my quality headphones and the lights turned down...the best way to watch movies!