Monday, June 05, 2006

Stupid Girls? Try Stupid Boys!

I love listening to Pink's songs. They make you think. More often than not, they have meanings behind them just like her latest hit - Stupid Girls. The video pokes fun at the current crop of girls who 'degrades' themselves to be 'popular' and 'accepted' by society. Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (among others) seems to be her prime targets in the video. She may be considered controversial. She may be considered outspoken. She may be considered blunt. She however cannot be considered a stupid girl. In fact, I find her to be one of the very few intelligent artistes around. I actually respect her for being daring enough to speak the truth, even if it means being isolated from the 'pack'. Actually there's another song I feel is much better which I will highlight in another post (hopefully in a few days time). More men and women should actually follow her lead. I for one will speak up if I feel it is necessary and this blog is meant for that very purpose.

Although Pink has successfully highlighted the worrying problem of 'stupid girls', I find that girls are not the only ones that actually fall prey to this silent epidemic. In actual fact, we have stupid boys among us. Through my observation, I find that many of the teenage boys nowadays actually want to act and look dumb to feel popular and being 'part of the gang'. They do not want to risk being labelled a nerd, smartass, bookworm or even gay for actually having some IQ. These are the very same boys who use SKII products, face blotters and other skincare products, and they are afraid to be labelled gay for having brains?!?

I find this to be very worrying, really...not that they care for their skin and being newage metrosexuals but that they rather be considered dumb than being seen as having an iota of intelligence. It's not that they are really idiots. Behind closed doors, they are actually smart dudes but once they come out in the open, they will put on a show, a charade. They actually even go to the extend of destroying their body by getting tattoos, body piercings, drink excessive alcohol, smoke the cancer stick and take drugs just to be 'cool'. Worse still, they go around having unprotective sex too (since using rubber is not 'cool'), and may I remind you all these at such a tender age. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this indeed is happening and a worrying trend among our teenagers and I don't exactly have the answer to solve this social ill.

OK, maybe this is overkill but you get the message....

I guess one effective way would be to have a male artiste do a parody of Stupid Girls and highlight the social ills affecting boys too. Our society (especially teens) seems to be very much influenced by the Western media, so no point spending money on another useless "Tak Nak"-esque campaign. It would just be a waste of public funds. Mawi? Please don't even think of it!

Which male artiste would fit the bill of being controversial, outspoken and blunt ala Pink? I about Robbie Williams? I think Robbie Williams would fit that description very well with his bad-boy image and all...

...but only if he wasn't THAT controversial.

Oh well, the search for a suitable male artiste goes on. :P

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  1. your pics are getting gruesome :P

    robbie is too full of himself. how about the il divo boys? they shall sing their message in beautiful opera

    or ricky martin? he's attractive enough for girls and gays...

    aiyah, michael jackson. u get the controversy, the pale skin (sk II user) and he's popular enough...ok ah?

  2. thank you...i try my best! :P

    il divo? you crazy? u want them to bore our youth to sleep? how many youths you know listen to il divo? it's only the boring old ppl like us who listens to them! ;)

    ricky? hmmm...maybe but i don't quite like his music and he's not provocative enough to make a strong statement.

    wacko jacko?!? haiyo...kenot la...later teach our youth how to grope genitals, perform weird plastic surgeries and dress in women's clothing nia...hahaha. don't think he's exactly a suitable role model if you know what i mean....