Sunday, June 04, 2006

The PFT Menace

Driving is just not meant for everyone. The same goes for singing, dancing, having a broadband connection and a host of other things. We are just not meant to do some stuff due to various reasons and we shouldn't be ashamed to admit it. Either we are just not born with the talent or we just do not comprehend what that particular thing is all about or we are ignorant/oblivious with matters around us or that we just abuse the system.

William Hung's She Bangs anyone?

I'm not going to talk about how I recommended someone to get a broadband connection and am regretting it now. OK, maybe just a little bit. :P Fortunately, I wasn't harrased by his now ever-present online presence but to simply equate having a broadband connection to a must for p2p downloads is just plain idiotic. True, having a broadband connection helps alot for p2p sharing but it doesn't mean that if someone is not into p2p, that someone shouldn't have a broadband connection. That's like saying if you don't like to eat Penang Laksa, you should not visit Penang at all. There's so much that broadband has to offer apart from p2p sharing. Internet content nowadays such as streaming videos are optimised for broadband connections, so there's plenty more that one can do with a broadband connection other than p2p sharing. Clearly, a broadband connection is just not meant for everyone especially those type of inbreds that think broadband is purely for p2p sharing only.

Actually the purpose of this article is to highlight the driving behaviours of two problematic people behind the wheels of two particular cars I recently encountered. Coincidentally, both cars were Hyundai Matrix. Coincidentally, both cars have PFT number plates (hence the title of this post)!!! One was PFT 777* and the other was PFT 42*. Coincidentally, both drivers were women (I'm not trying to generalise here though).

[SOURCE: Hyundai-Sime Darby]

The one behind the 777* vehicle somehow has a fetish for pressing the horn. She will just horn for no apparent reasons. When the traffic lights just turn green, she will press the horn. This happened immediately after the green light comes on, as if she's playing "Honk-When-You-See-Green" or something. This happened not only once but twice! The thing is, she's not even right behind the first car. She's many, many, many cars behind and it wasn't as if the car in front was slow or anything. What, did you expect that once the green light comes on, every car would have automagically crossed the road?!? Ironically, she will drive so slowly after all the cars have started moving. Wait a minute, weren't you like in a rush? Seems like you were with the honking and all!!! Idiot!

I hardly use my car horn. In fact, I hate using the horn. I feel that it should only be used for emergencies. For example, I feel it is very rude to call someone using the horn. Why can't you just get out from your car and ring the doorbell instead of pressing your horn and disturbing the whole neighbourhood? It's very stressful when the cars on the road starts pressing their horns altogether. All you need to do is just tap the horn lightly instead of pressing it for a few seconds. Be a little more patient and use the horn sparingly. Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. It will make everyone's journey on the road a little better.

In the case of the 42*, she just loves to park at your lot. She knows very well who parks at that lot. It is in front of my house and we've been parking there since forever! It's not like she's a new neighbour or some visitor that wouldn't know that fact. I mean, if it was for a short while, it is still acceptable but if you are parking overnight, wouldn't it make sense to park at your own lot or search for another parking lot? Haven't you heard of neighbourliness? You don't just purposely park at somebody else's lot and cause a ruckus, right? Who in their right mind would do that? I guess my friend hit the nail on the head when he made the observation that we were easy targets and victims of bullying. Nowadays, I just don't care as long as I can find another lot without having to cause inconvenience to other neighbours but one day, there will surely be repercussions. I have a limit for everything, you know.

Actually I have lots to say of the different types of drivers we have here in Malaysia (Penang specifically). I wonder how some actually get their driving licenses in the first place. Duit kopi?


  1. your william hung picture gave me a shock...haha...

    those 2 ladies better stay out of your way, i guess it wouldn't be a pretty sight when u blow up... :p

  2. wouldn't be a pretty sight indeed! ;)

    i'm actually getting nightmares from the william hung pic... :P