Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Durian Update

Malaysians will probably and fortunately not feel the full wrath of Durian. Looks like Typhoon Durian is weakening and may not cause as much havoc in Malaysia as warned earlier. [PDF]

Durian not likely to hit Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Typhoon Durian is weakening and is not expected to land in Malaysia.

As of 5pm yesterday, it was approximately 200km south-west of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and is expected to move in a south-westerly direction at a speed of 28kph.

However, the Meteorological Services Department has warned of danger to beach and shipping activities in several areas in the northern part of the peninsula due to bad weather and rough seas in the wake of the typhoon.

Wind speeds of 50kph to 60kph and waves of up to 4.5m are expected in the coastal areas of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah and Penang until Friday.

Meanwhile, all residents living along the coast in Kelantan have been placed on standby for evacuation due to torrential rains and strong winds brought by the typhoon.

A spokesman at the state operations centre said residents and fishermen in Sabak, Tok Bali, Pantai Semerak, Pantai Irama and Pantai Seri Tujuh had been informed of possible evacuation.

This follows a warning of worsening weather conditions due to the effects of the typhoon, which had earlier lashed the Philippines and Vietnam.

In a related development, Kelantan police marine commander Deputy Supt Abdul Salam Abdul Halim said all fishermen's associations had been informed of the rough weather.

"However, I was told by most fishermen that they are used to such weather, which is part of the monsoon season. Nevertheless, they are taking all precautions," he said.

DSP Abdul Salam said marine police had placed its vessels on standby for rescue and evacuation work in case of floods.

In Kuala Terengganu, a 1km stretch of coast in Tanjung has eroded, triggering panic among residents that the typhoon was heading their way.

Restaurateur Lau Fook Khoy, 58, said she feared that the typhoon could cause further erosion.

"The soil along the affected stretch is weakening and the situation could become worse due to the strong waves," she said yesterday.

Terengganu Health, Unity, Consumer Affairs and Environment Committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw assured the people that the state government had taken all precautionary measures to prevent further erosion.

"We also anticipate that the typhoon will not hit Terengganu due to its travelling pattern," he added.

However, Malaysians are still warned of the dangers of bad weather and rough seas and all beach and shipping activities should be kept to the minimum. Heavy rain and strong winds still to be expected in the northern states till the end of the week.

Earlier write-up can be found here.


  1. a funny name for a typhoon...

    if i am not mistaken, the names of typhoons are usually women's names...
    hmm...for once they chose something else. but why wasn't it a man's name? haha...

  2. ahh...that's for hurricanes at the atlantic basin. the names will alternate between male and female (eg. Julia, Karl, Lisa).

    it's a little different here in the pacific. you can read up more about the naming of tropical storms in the link i provided in this post.

  3. hmm. informative indeed. thanks!

    so what's next?
    typhoon rambutan? ;)

  4. i wouldn't be surprised if that name comes up in the future... :P