Saturday, December 09, 2006

I So Hate Comment Spam

Comment Spam
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Don't you just hate comment spam? Don't you just hate any form of spam?!? I so hate comment spam. Comment spam that have no relation to what your blog topic is about. Comment spam that hijack your blog to promote their own agenda. Comment spam by chicken-shit raisins-for-balls mongoloids who hide behind a cloak of anonymity to spew their poison because they are just not brave enough to stand up for what they say. Comment spam that try to get others in trouble for their vicious content. Comment spam that are so hypocritical, you laugh your ass off at the whimsical nature of the writer. I so hate comment spam.

I'm an advocate for freedom of speech. That's why commenting on this blog is open to everyone and anyone who feels like having their say. However, this is always lead to abuse. Every so often I would get comment spam but ever since I've activated the anti-comment spam feature on Blogger, comment spam has dropped to the random few once awhile. However, this morning I received notification that there were TWELVE comment spam in the space of one hour. Never have I seen someone so dedicated in cutting and pasting their propaganda AND having to go through TWELVE captcha word verification processes in between. Credit has to be given to this fella for all the trouble he went through but seriously, if he could just channel that time, energy and dedication towards something more beneficial than spreading political and racially sensitive propaganda on blogs, I believe he/she could actually change the world. Seriously! Maybe a look in the mirror first would be wise.


  1. haha, i just hate comment spam too. Coz i need to delete or moderate the comment spam everyday

  2. exactly! they leave a trail of disaster, we have to clear it up. they should burn in hell!