Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Reminders From Mother Nature

Two years ago on this very day, Mother Nature gave us all a reminder of what she's capable of by moving earth and water, causing major devastation across a few regions. I haven't started my blog yet then but I do have my own tsunami story to tell, but that will have to wait for another day. Looks like she had more up her sleeve.

Last year, Mother Nature disposed Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, USA. Many lives perished. Lots of destruction. Uncountable families displaced. The disaster did serve its purpose of reminding humankind not to ravage and plunder Mother Nature indiscriminately but only for a short period of time. Soon enough, humans went back to their old ways.

This year, heavy rains (coupled with poor planning and development without consideration of Mother Nature) caused the Johor floods [PDF] which has claimed seven lives so far. Neighbouring states down south were also affected. Another reminder from Mother Nature.

Humans just love acting as Gods but tragedies like these are just the right reminders we need to realise we are not that great after all. Even during these trying times, the dark side of human nature will manage to rear its ugly head. Looters and profiteers never fail to make the headlines regardless of where or who the tragedies happen to. Fortunately, there are still Good Samaritans living among us.

Even with these constant reminders, we still fail to heed the call for change. When will we ever learn? As I see it, not anytime soon.


  1. she sure is dealing out punishment after punishment... but people only care about reaping profits...

    i like the way you write. =)

  2. reaping profits is putting it very mildly...

    it's more of exploitation, if anything...

    thanks for your compliment...

  3. Came by to wish you a Happy New Year, Kshern, and that 2007 brings you all that you hope for. Of course, we'll be celebrating again at the end of January too.

    Also wanted to ask if you had any info on the floods in Malaysia, as though we have heard of it here, there has been very little news coverage or film footage shown, and I found your Johor link, so thanks for that.

    Best regards ainelivia

  4. happy 2007 to you too, ainelivia.

    the floods in johor's getting better but very unfortunate, really.