Friday, December 08, 2006

Migration To Blogger Beta

Migration to Blogger Beta
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Just So You Know has finally moved to Blogger Beta. There are plenty of new features only available on Blogger Beta I've been longing to use since forever. First impressions - it's very neat and I just can't wait for the full implementation of the beta features to all of Blogger.

The thing is, I either create my own layouts or modify available blogger templates out there. Considering the number of blogs I have, it will be too time-consuming at this time to rebatch all my blogs to the new platform so I can fully utilise all of the new features available on Blogger Beta. The interface requires some getting used to though.

I will be easing the migration to Blogger Beta slowly for all my blogs (unless I find a simple solution to overcome this problem). I do hope not much problems will arise but I'll promise to be careful. :P

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