Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Tale Of Two Rats And A Mouse

Rats. Rattus rattus. Pest. Vermin. Destroyer of property. Carrier of diseases. Even ardent fans of rodents cannot deny what a pain in the ass this tiny little creature can be.

[SOURCE: Thinktank Studios]

My house like many others, however clean they may be, will somehow face problems with rat infestation one time or another. In recent times, a family or so of those pesky little rodents decided to migrate over to my house after a long spell of enjoying a rat-free environment. This was when all the problems started.

These rats eat (or at least bite/chew) everything that comes to mind. Foodstuff undoubtedly remains top on their list of chewables. Bars of soap do seem to be very much an integral part of their food pyramid. Paper, rubber, cloth, wood, carton boxes, hard plastics, soft plastics, plastic bags, styrofoam and anything imaginable under the sun, they will eventually take the opportunity to sink their teeth into them. One that remains an evergreen preference for them however are cables. Telephone cables, electrical wiring and even their futuristic brethren, the technological advanced computer mouse is not spared. That @#$%$# rendered my RM60 Logitech optical mouse useless just so they could satisfy their crave for cables!!!

Damaged Mouse
A victim of sibling rivalry or something more sinister?

The new breed of migrants seems to be a bunch of Einsteins. We've set traps at different areas, using different types of food but nothing seems to nab them. So, every night, we are presented with sounds more disturbing than a heavy metal concert. When I came home last night, I smelt the stench of a decomposing rat. Great! One decided to die on us and now we've to hunt for its corpse. We couldn't pinpoint the source of the smell but a few rooms were affected by the stench, including my room. I ended up bunking in the study room but didn't get too good a rest as I was awaken by various things throughout the night, probably due to me sleeping at a new place.

I woke up this morning to find one rat captured in the trap. Great! A catch after so many barren weeks. My attention was now focused on finding the decomposing corpse. Within the first five minutes of searching, I found its bloated body, trapped between some boxes. Wonderful! Two down, a dozen (?) more to go. Bring on the rest!

Discarded the bodies and did some cleaning, scrubbing and a generous dose of Lysol solved the affected areas. No more stench. Fewer pests. Better sleep? We'll see. Casualty count? Two rats, one mouse.


  1. randy, michael and suzy.
    the three rats caught in fish house today...


    don't want them to die...but i know, they have to go...

  2. die they must...unfortunately.