Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wedding Planner

Another wedding, another time to get together. Nothing beats weddings when it comes to pulling friends and relatives together from near and far, especially those you've not seen for awhile now. It was no different last night during my friend's wedding at the posh E&O Hotel. A jolly moment indeed for all of us there. Congratulations Sze Meng and Chaik Wee!

It was a very elaborate wedding steep in tradition and protocol. To be honest, it was a little too formal for my liking. We even had to wear coats and ties! The rebellious nature in me kept my coat hanging in my wardrobe. Initially, I planned to leave my tie at home too but decided to bring it along just in case. I even had to change my choice of shirt so it could match a tie. I hope I don't put my guests through so much fuss when I tie the knot. Like the promise of no loud music blaring into your eardrums, you are most welcome to give me an earful if I put you through all the fuss of a too formal wedding.

E&O Hotel is not exactly a great choice when it comes to wedding receptions. It may have that classy fairytale feeling and all but having to separate some of your guests to the balcony above is quite a farce especially when there are so many performances involved. However, the dinner was great and the free-flow alcohol made it all that much better. ;)

Do men think about weddings? I can't speak for all men but I personally do. Maybe not to the extend of how things should be but at the very least how it should not end up. One grouse I have about wedding banquets is the choice of menu which is always the same old same old. So, I came up with this menu idea for a Penang wedding banquet. Since guests from afar always like to taste the famous Penang delicacies of during their visits, why not bring the best of Penang to the wedding banquet itself?

1st course: Lok-lok (Four Seasons dish replacement)
2nd course: Laksa (Shark's fin soup replacement)
3rd course: Tandoori Chicken (Chicken dish replacement)
4th course: Pasembur/Rojak (Vege dish replacement
5th course: Fish Head Bee Hoon (Fish dish replacement)
6th course: Hokkien Prawn Mee (Prawn dish replacement)
7th course: Nasi Kandar (Rice/Noodle replacement)
8th course: Ais Kachang/Chendol (Dessert replacement)
Thank You Gift: Tau Sar Pneah (Cake/Sweet replacement)

It saves the guests from having to travel to different hawker stalls to taste the best that Penang has to offer when time is so limited and already tired from their travels. I don't know if I'll be able to invite all the best hawkers to prepare their trademark dishes for my wedding banquet. Neither do I know if any hotel will be willing to allow such a thing to happen in the first place. Whatever it is, you know you read it here first. ;)


  1. The menu is so tasty, I can smell and taste it sitting here in front of my computer. You lucky man.

  2. does make you salivate just reading it, doesn't it? :P