Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FIFA 06 - Just Can't Get Enough Of It

Here's something that has kept me busy apart from what I've mentioned in my earlier post. I've been trying my hand at FIFA 06 on the PlayStation 2 and it's really challenging! Although it's been at least a week since I've held the gamepad in my hand, it's a very enticing thought to load up the game again and continue playing it. Of course it is addictive. How can you call it a good game if it is not? I'm trying really hard not to pop the game into the game console. I know where that'll lead me to. :P

I blame it on my cousin for buying the game. If not, I wouldn't be feeling this way at the moment. Haha... It's really a very good game. It's very much improved from the earlier releases. So much so that you actually have to relearn quite a few things to actually get the hang of playing it. When I started playing it, I lost every single match and couldn't score a single goal! It was that bad! My usual tricks didn't work anymore and it was depressing.

In FIFA 05, I could score tonnes of goals be it from open play, freekicks or corners. I've mastered the taking of freekicks and corners to the extend that practically all of the time, the ball will end up in the back of the net. I was a freekick and corner specialist. ;) This time however, they changed the whole freekick and corner system. I've not mastered them yet even in practice mode. I've scored a few in practice mode but can't find that right formula that will ensure the ball will end up in the back of the net yet. I will eventually overcome this obstacle I'm sure but definitely not in the near future. I must not get sucked into playing the game, at least for now.

The tactics are different too. I would have to say it is much better now with loads of tactical options available for you to tweak around with. However, I'm just too lazy to change them for every single match which you should if you really want to experience the gameplay and win your matches. I just set the same tactics and play (and pray) hard I score more goals than my opponent. I'm just not that patient in setting the tactics for each and every match. If it was possible, I wouldn't even change my team lineup from each matches! :P

I've finished playing one full season using Newcastle United. Of course the team of my choice would be managing and playing Manchester United but it's a five-star team and you can't select a five-star team from the start of the career mode. However, I've discovered a glitch where you can manage a five-star team right from the start! Just change the line-up a five-star team of your choice to their reserve players and when you choose the career mode, the team will not be considered a five-star team and available for selection! Sweet! I'm definitely going to do that. Erm, I mean next time. :P

I've tried out the transfer system and bought a few players to enhance the team during the January transfer window. It's not the best transfer system available but it's quite ok. Newcastle United requires a lot of personnel changes to make it a team that is able to challenge for trophies. However, they are just not good enough to attract the right players and don't have enough cash to make the right purchases. I should have taken Tottenham Hotspur instead. I blame my cousin again for asking me to take Newcastle United. When he started his own career mode, he chose Tettenham Hotspur!!! Grrrr....

Although I lost the first match and drew a couple of matches after that, I managed to get the best out of my team and went on an unbeaten streak that help win me the League Cup, the FA Cup and the Premiership title. Not bad huh for the first season? It's European domination next before some big club (Manchester United *ahem*) finally agrees to hire me as their next manager. I definitely need someone to rescue me from this ailing club! I can only stand managing and playing this club for another season tops. It's in such a bad condition really. If it weren't for me successfully getting the likes of Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho to the club (amazing but Rooney was a free agent and Ronaldinho was on the tranfer list!!! Lucky me...), I would probably forget about the game altogether (which is a good thing in a way, no? :P).

Well, it was a good first season although it was a really tough one due to the learning curve but I'm sure it can only get easier from here especially when I'm building up my arsenal of tricks and getting closer to scoring from freekicks. I guess I'll only know the next time I hold the gamepad in my hands, no? I wonder when that would be. I can just here Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho calling out to me. ;)


  1. so THIS is what that's really keeping u busy.....hmmm... ;)

  2. hhehe...i wonder why i could never find the game where 22 men go after a ball, interesting. :P nyek nyek.

    come aj, lets kick some balls, shall we?

  3. @delphynus
    excuse me...i played it for like 2-3 days only!!!

    cos you're looking at the beautiful game the wrong way...it's not about 22 men chasing a ball...it's much more than that...