Monday, March 27, 2006

hi5 No More

I've finally done it. I've deleted my hi5 account.

I've been thinking of doing it for awhile now as some of you know. I just don't see the purpose of Friendster, hi5, Multiply and the likes. How many truly utilise them as a friend- finding- networking- tool instead of a I've- more friends- than- you- so- I'm- more- popular- quick- write- for- me- a- testimonial site? Very, very, very few. I hardly even login to them unless I receive an email notification about new friend requests or mail. I truly makes more sense deleting them than keeping them just for the sake of keeping them.

Now then, which will I decide to delete next and when? hi5 would probably be the first to go anyway since it was the least utilised between the three. Although I only have ONE contact in Multiply, I needed an account to read my friend's blog. I had no use for the hi5 account AT ALL. I might still have some use for Friendster so it would probably be the last to go if ever I decide to part with it.

To me, these sites are more suited for the younger generation (hmmm, that makes me sound so old :P). Somehow, their lives revolves around Friendster and MSN Messenger. Apart from online games, that's the only two places they visit on the Internet (well, maybe porn sites too since they are so fixated with porn :P). To me, these sites have become a hunting ground for stalkers, paedophiles and the likes. It doesn't look good at all.

Anyway, I would like to apologise to those who were connected to me in hi5. For me, this is the most sensible thing to do. Hope you all understand. :)


  1. totally understandable!
    friendster is for freaks like dave and the likes...hehehhee!
    dave don't get's the truth,no? ;)

  2. lolz...he has a friendster account?

  3. yeah! i guess u haven't read his comment on my recent post yet...that'll explain a LOT about daves, stalkers, weirdos and their friendster accounts...

  4. ohmy...i just read it and it's really... *faints*

    well, i've been a victim before (from both sexes... *faints* I know what it's like!) :P

  5. hoi! i resent that statement!! *pointing fingers at delphynus*

    grr!! harhahrar!!!

    *naive mode* I thought can kow luih online. ceh. what other better ways to the first step of procreation??? :P

    preparing rubber...err...i meant, eraser to rub some pencil marks. nyek nyek. (or rather, liquid paper marks)

    now now, what were you all thinkin?

  6. haiz....i rest my case....:P