Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kept Busy

08online - Official homepage for the mighty sea scouts of Penang Free School

Sorry I've not been updating my blog for awhile now. Been kept busy with some matters, one of them being the relaunch of one of my side projects - 08online. Apart from that, I just didn't have the mood to write as passionately as I would like to for the various topics I've chosen to blog on, so I decided not to blog about them until I was ready and in the mood to do so. It's part of my New Year resolutions, no? :P

I do realise some of you have been suffering from JSYK-withdrawal syndrome these past few days due to the lack of blogging on my part but rest assured I'll be back soon enough. Thanks for your support and be at the launch tonight if you can for the unveiling of the new 08online. It's nothing major really but your visit will be very much appreciated. :)


  1. hope ur side project works the way u want it too! all the best!

    how do u know abt the jsyk withdrawal symptoms? is it that obvious..? haha! hurry up with the stories. keep 'em coming! :)

  2. haha...there are others too you know... ;)

    thanks for your best wishes... :)

  3. oooOoooo...busy rupenye.... (^_^)

  4. as long as you don't say lazy can d la...hahaha...