Thursday, May 04, 2006

01:02:03 04-05-06

Unless you live for another 100 years, this is probably your only chance of experiencing this numerical phenomenon. Yea,'s one of those numbers thingy again like 050505 and 20.05.2005. Anyway, here's leaving my mark for this 'special' event. I'm going to go sleep now. :P

Oh, here's some more blogging comics for you. :)

(click to enlarge)

UPDATED: added the other installments of the comic...just love this series on blogging! :)

(pictures from Seattle Post-Intelligencer)


  1. every moment is significant in some way...once it's gone, it's gone. u never get it back. ever. no matter if the date will repeat itself, it's still not the same.

    it amuses me to see how people are very intrigued with numbers...

    as for me, i am off to bed too :)

  2. the moment just passed like that...i didn't realise it was over until it was over! :P