Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You Are Denis Law!

Dear KS,

Thanks for taking part in our quiz, we hope you enjoyed it. So then, which Manchester United Player are you? Well...

You are... Denis Law
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You're a fierce competitor who puts 100% into everything you do. Passionate and determined, you understand that success only comes once you realise where your heart really lies. You're not fazed by anything, and your fearlessness often catches opponents off guard. And with a ball at your feet you can achieve things that seem impossible. In fact, on the football field 'you ARE the law'.

Your confidence can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance but your faith in your ability is justified - especially on the pitch. Always one step ahead of the game, you seem to be able to anticipate what players are going to do, even before they know themselves. A law unto yourself, you can sometimes be a bit fiery. But you're a likeable character who people warm to. In fact, you could say you're a king amongst men.

Is this cool or what?!? I admit I would rather be George Best (for his class and skills), Eric Cantona (for his aura of supremacy) or David Beckham (for his looks, fame and money) but being Denis Law is denifinitely not that bad after all! It definitely beats being Djemba-Djemba or David Bellion! :P So, who are ya, who are ya? Find out here. (ManUtd fans only, of course) ;)

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