Monday, May 08, 2006

Male Chauvinist Pig At Its Worst

I can't believe editors at The Star actually allowed this letter to be printed!

House-husbands can lead to topsy-turvy homes

JUST when people think that husbands being homemakers is such a new and great idea, please spare some thoughts for the children.

What kind of a role model would the house-husband make for a growing boy?

He will probably grow up to be a feminine male and gay before long.

The reality is, whosoever brings home the bread will inevitably speak louder and have the last say.

We ought to be keeping the status quo and not advocating something topsy-turvy. Wives are to submit to their husbands.

I cannot picture how a breadwinner wife submitting to her homemaker husband.

Kuala Lumpur.

Hello?!? What century are you living in CTH? Keeping the status quo? Eventually grow up to be a feminine male and gay before long?? Wives are to submit to their husbands???

Someone should just shoot this idiot and make this world a better place. I look forward to a future where I would be able to retire young or leave my job to spend more time with my children. Will that screw up my family? Will my home be topsy-turvy then?

If we love Desperate Housewives so much...

...why can't we show the same love for househusbands?!?

Okok...maybe that's not such a good idea, after all! *pukes*

But seriously, what's wrong with househusbands? Is it a crime to be a househusband? Is it a sin? Is it wrong at all? No, it is not and those who think it is should just hang themselves.


  1. the househusband idea is still questionable as to whether it will actuallly catch on, males being unsuitable for caring for children by nature, but it shouldnt stop those who can or wish it, and certainly not stopped by the likes of this moronic letter...

  2. doesn't matter if the idea will catch on or not but no one is to say househusbands is a terrible idea just based on their chauvinistic ideas...

    what actually scares me more is that there are still plenty of these people living among us trying to shove their chauvinistic ideas down our throats!

  3. what? submit to who? huh??

    well, it's reality. there are still people with backdated genes...reverse transcription!thought we were moving sad.
    so where did all the gays come from? are all their dads househusbands too? seriously...

  4. Yes. That's a pretty stupid letter. As if doing household chores will turn you into a gay. Besides, since when does earning more money give you more authority?? In fact, it should be the reverse! Housewives/ househusbands should make the final decisions as they're the ones who know their kids best.

  5. well, i'm sure he is crawling back to the black hole he came from as he's getting thumped in the papers today...