Monday, May 08, 2006

Is This Right?

I find this blog entry by Kenny Sia quite disturbing. I've been an avid reader of his blog since last year due to his wisecracks and intelligent writing but I just don't rate this blog entry very highly.

I've always been against corruption. To me, it's a disease worse than cancer. Sure, we are able to 'save' RM570 by offering a small amount of 'duit kopi' but this action only encourages more Malaysians to follow suit and the police to continue this shameful practice. Yeah, we get to escape with just a RM30 'fine' now but in reality, due to our vote of confidence and support of the actions of corrupt officials by offering bribes, we are in fact losing millions (if not billions) of public funds due to corrupt practices.

True that the pay these police officers take home is really low and that probably is one of the major reasons for them turning to corrupt ways but it takes two to tango. If there is a willing buyer, there will be a willing seller. If there is a willing person to offer a bribe, there will always be a person to accept that bribe. Personally, I would rather pay the fine than fill the pockets of corrupt officials. Let's face it, it ain't going to any "Police Retirement Fund" or "Feed My Hungry Children Fund". It's going into some "Overfill My Tummy Now Fund" or "1001 Ways To Waste My Duit Kopi Fund" like eating a larger plate of nasi kandar or buying a new expensive 3G handphone which he has no use of and would probably not understand how to use most of the functions. Of course, there are no certainties that the fine I pay will be utilised efficiently by the Government but I'm more willing to take my chances on that option. At least I have a clear conscience.

Obviously there's still much to be done apart from the useless Anti-Rasuah badges and car stickers to reform the police force in this country to reach those standards set by the police force in Singapore and Hong Kong but we as Malaysians should reform too. We humans are very selfish beings. We always think of now, not later. We always care of what affects us this very moment or the near future and do not care of the consequences down the road in the distant future. That is for the people in the future to tackle. That's for the people in the future to handle. Our only concern now is to ensure there is no problem now. If our actions causes the people in the future to face a bigger problem, that's their problem. This is the mentality we have to change if we are seriously thinking of progressing forward. Third-World Mentality? Try fourth, fifth or sixth.

Kenny might not be afraid of ACA knocking on his front door but the entry really puts Malaysians in a bad light. It reflects badly on us because it is as if bribing Government officials is an acceptable practice here in Malaysia. It may be somewhat widespread but it is definitely not an acceptable practice and is punishable by law. I hope Kenny does not eventually find himself in hot soup since I still love reading his blog although I do not agree with what he did. He was probably naive to have posted that entry up.

Remember, just because most people are doing it does not mean it is right. This post is not meant to diss Kenny or anyone who supports bribery (it's your choice and I respect it however wrong it may be). This is merely a post for us to reflect on ourselves, to reevaluate our attitudes on certain matters. Ask yourself - is this right?


  1. just wondering...what's your take on piracy? ;)

  2. thank you for hijacking my post and equating piracy to corruption. fyi, they are two very different subjects not related to each other and it seems that that's the only argument people who support corruption can come up with to justify what they do/support.

    anyway, i'll answer your question. my take on pirated vcd's/dvd's? i don't buy them. i did purchase them before but it has been many, many years since i bought my last pirated vcd/dvd. same goes to computer softwares...i switch to open source softwares instead which are free. i do not support piracy.

    bittorrent? there are plenty of legal ones out there and this is the future of digital content distribution. there are even movies, tv series and song albums being distributed legally through this channel (or some other methods eg. streaming video) as they come to realise the benefits of this technology. difference with pirated vcd/dvd? the person who seed the content is not earning a single sen. pirates steal and profit from their plunder even if it is RM5. in the case of bittorrent? seeders do not profit even a single sen.

    so, don't side-step the issue at hand. we are talking about corruption here. i respect your choice if you support corruption but seriously reconsider.

  3. my one liner got u into a knot!!!
    calm down sweety, i do not approve of corruption either.
    wanted to mess with your mind just for fun...hahahaa...relax serius...

  4. well, this is a serious matter and there's been too many corruption nonsense lately for my liking!