Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Huge Snake Was At My House!!!

OK, this post is way overdue. Sorry to those who have been waiting eagerly for this post to go up. Was too busy (and lazy :P) to get it posted.

On May Day which was also the anniversary of this blog, we took the opportunity of the long weekend to do some seriously needed housework and we worked on the garden that evening. So did our neighbours whose garden was much more overgrown compared to ours.

Two things will happen when one particular neighbour does some lawnwork which I don't particularly like. Firstly, it is how they discard the grass, leaves and all by fire. Yes, it's open burning and you can understand why I'm not exactly ecstatic at the idea of them choking my lungs. I will discuss this further in a future post.

Another would be that my house will receive some "visitors" that migrated from their lawn. Usually, the "visitors" would be snakes. This has happened quite a few times and mostly they were very small in size which we could catch ourselves and release them at a safe location. This time however, it wasn't exactly the same as always. The "visitor" this time was one we had never encountered before!!! It was a PYTHON!!!

Can you spot the snake?

See how big the head is?

The snake must have liked how neat and tidy our lawn was after we cleared it up, so it decided to come over for the night. You can see how it is coiled up so nicely, so I can't be that wrong with that assumption. :P I wasn't around when this happened so I'm just reconstructing the scenario as best I can. One of my neighbours' maid spotted its tail outside my house fence and started shouting and screaming knowing that it was going to be a huge serpent since the exposed tail was already that long! The commotion she created attracted the attention of everyone in the neighbourhood and my brothers went to have a look at the snake and was ready to do the usual, as in catch the snake and release it somewhere else. When they saw how huge it was, they immediately called 994. No chance of catching this snake on our own this time. :P

Three firemen came some time later and went about catching the snake.

The process of catching the snake

That is one seriously long and huge snake!!! Scary shit!

Python safely locked in the cage

Smiles all around after a job well done?

Snake in cage being taken away

I've always thought that after they caught the snakes, they will release it somewhere safe. Little did I know that they will sell the snake for body parts and pocket the earnings which could amount to hundreds of ringgit! Now, that's terrible! That totally explains their smiling faces after the successful capture! Anyway, nothing that I can do about the situation either. It's not that I can leave the python lying around in my lawn, right? :P

Well, this is definitely an episode to remember. Wished I was there to experience it all especially seeing my mom jumping from chair to chair due to her phobia of snakes and everything crawly (yes, even worms). ;)


  1. Not so huge lah!

    But scary enough for those who have snake-phobia! ;)

  2. huge leh...>10 feet! the photos are not doing the snake any justice! :P

  3. they sell them??? :(
    that's sad...

    but your mommy should be relieved! i guess that's more important. hope she's all right! :)

  4. yup, that's what they do...sell it for its skin, meat, liver etc and pocket the money. i was shocked when someone told me that...