Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Furore

I just don't understand what's up with all the controversy of The Da Vinci Code movie. Without fail, there will be articles in the newspapers to debunk claims in the movie. Also, there will be frequent calls by the Catholic church to boycott the movie. Is that really necessary? Don't they realise that what they are actually doing is provide free promotion for the movie? Don't they realise that this will only make more people want to watch the movie and read the book? Don't they realise that they are actually making Dan Brown so much richer?!?

Without a doubt the novel was very well written. So well written that people reading the novel will actually believe the contents of the novel. It really made me think about what was written and what was already known to us before reading the novel. Well, at least I knew it was a work of FICTION (a good one I might add) and the author did write at the beginning of the book what was factual in the novel. So, isn't it clear enough that everything else isn't? Even on the book it is written FICTION or is it so difficult for many people not to understand the meaning of the word FICTION? If someone can't even grasp the concept of a fiction novel, there's no point telling that someone what is right or wrong because most likely that someone will be unable to grasp what you are trying to tell him/her too.

It is stated that this movie is based on the novel by Dan Brown. Really, there is nothing wrong if the producer/director decides not to put a message in the movie that this movie is fictional. They will most likely go to the novel and realise when looking through the book that it indeed just fiction. Seriously, how many movies have you seen that states it is a fictional movie? I mean, aren't most a work of fiction? Only those that are based on true stories do I realise them placing a message saying so. Why should this movie be any different?

I would have to say that the movie would be good but probably not have the same effects as the novel itself. I just couldn't put down the novel, really. It was just full of suspense and you just couldn't get enough of it. That's why it has been the #1 New York Times Bestseller, even now! All because it was so well written and kudos to the author for that. It even has a spillover effect on Dan Brown's prequel to The Da Vinci Code - Angels & Demons - which I didn't find that good compared to The Da Vinci Code.

Google's Da Vinci Code Quest was really easy but maybe that's just due to my liking for codes and puzzles. I just didn't like the curator job series that required you to clean up the paintings by pairing up the mess on the paintings. I felt that was the most difficult part of the quest especially the last two. The rest were just plain sailing. ;)

I don't know if I will be able to catch the movie but I'm sure I will watch it one way or another, probably very much later from now after everything has settled down but seriously, is this movie really worth getting all worked up? It is just a movie based on a well-written fictional novel!

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  1. ditto to everything u said!
    i was just telling my sis the same thing yesterday...every movie does not tell u it's fiction, only those based on true stories do that.

    but one thing's for sure, as i have said before: dan brown's a real smart guy and he's probably swimming around in cash at the moment... :)

  2. well, let's hope he does something good with the money...

  3. Sad to inform you, even the 'fact' at the front of the book is fiction. So yeah, the whole book is fiction. :)

  4. well, even if that is true, i wouldn't expect it to be anything less since it is indeed a book of fiction. :)