Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Week Of Season Finales

This is going to be a really hectic week for TV Land as a few prominent shows will screen their two hour season finales and close another chapter of their story. Reader discretion advised - some may consider what's written below as spoilers.

First up, season 2 of Desperate Housewives will come to an end. Two hours seems a little short considering so many issues left unresolved. What happens to Andrew? Will Andrew come back during the season finale to kill her mother or do something to make her pay for abandoning him? (I really think this is a big possibility but she is institutionalised at the moment though) How will Susan's love life end up to be? (like this is ever going to be answered :P) How about Paul Young? What will his story be like? How will poor Lynette put her life back together after her shocking discovery? Let's not forget the most important issue for season 2 - the Applewhites! Will they manage to sneak off again? Looks like we'll have to wait for season 3 if we want all of these answered unless they compressed everything into two hours which is highly unlikely. It should be a good season finale for DH and as before, eagerly awaiting the next season to unfold.

Next up, we have season 5 of 24. Frankly speaking, I just can't get enough of this show. It is really that good and this season has been phenomenal! It is without a doubt the best season ever! Jack Bauer, the all-conquering hero for this show has gone up against many badass criminals in the past but no one would have guessed the next person he goes against with was none other than the President of the United States himself! The scriptwriters should really get huge chunks of bonuses for their well-written storylines and plots. There's more twists in the plot than in McDonald's curly fries! :P The season finale should be great and like always, Jack will eventually save the day...or will it be different this time around? Well, we know there will be many seasons of 24 to go but each season is losely connected to the other so we will have a conclusion this week.

Season 5 of American Idol pits Taylor Hicks against Katharine McPhee. Who will be the next American Idol? I seriously hope it would be Katharine McPhee instead of Taylor Hicks. I can see Katharine emulating the very first and only successful American Idol, Kelly Clarkson in making it big. The rest has been really a flop and Taylor Hicks will fall into that category too if god-forbids he does get crowned the next American Idol. Please for all that is good...let it be Katharine McPhee!!! However, my gut feeling tells me it will be Taylor Hicks. Oh well, at least I got it right by saying it would be a guy's year this season! ;)

To wrap things up, season 2 of Lost will end this season with many questions still left unanswered since it is confirmed there will be a season 3. Personally, this show has turned into a real drag. There's hardly anything new or interesting to discover in this show. It has become really monotonous with very little interesting twists in the plot. Thankfully that all changed in the last few episodes leading up to this season finale. I'm hoping for a good season finale but something tells me this show going into season 3 is just stretching it a little bit too far. I hope I'm wrong but I think it's already going downhill.

There probably are other shows wrapping up this week but these are only the few shows that interests me at the moment or that I have time to watch. Anyway, it's good that I can look forward to more time available to myself as things are coming thick and fast at the moment. I hope I'll be able to find time to write-up a season review of the shows after watching the season finales.

Here's to a great ending for all these shows.

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  1. Jack Bauer's like.. god like already in the show. lol. but i love the show! just watched episodes 23 and 24 today. argh!! now i haf to wait till January 2007 for season 6. Blehhh

  2. yea man....i know how you feel! can't wait to see what the chinese has planned for jack bauer...

  3. ahi kshern, never quite got into Lost, another we have enough, and Desperate Housewives well, I'm still watching but it's kind of lost it's zing and anyway, it really is giving away some of the feminine secrets. Though I'm fed up with Lynette manipulating her hubby.

    Thank God you moved on from that snake photo, gave me the shivers.

  4. hahaha....well, actually i've lots of posts in queue but can't really find the time to finish them! :P