Monday, August 22, 2005

Bloody Spammers

I can't express in words how much I detest spammers. Not only do I have to tolerate them in my mailbox (although they are automatically detected as spam and moved to the spam folder), the damn spammers have now found a new medium to spread their poison. Enter the blogosphere! With blogs becoming more popular by the day, these spammers (being the parasites that they are) have decided to spread their spam in the comments section of blogs. I've personally received a few and have removed them. As much as I am an advocate for freedom of speech, I think my readers would appreciate not having to sift through spam while reading my blog. I've also realised that there are some blogs which 'specialises in advertising'. These blogs totally does not have a purpose and it's contents are just keywords used to generate the ads for that so-called blog. For this, we can use Blogger's new service to flag that particular blog so that it will be reviewed and removed if necessary. Recently, I came to know about this site, which provides free anti-spam solution. It allows you to create a temporary email address which will expire after a determined life span. It even has a Firefox extention. This could probably help you tackle spam finding its way to your mailbox. Let's fight spam hand-in-hand and destroy those parasites for good!

UPDATE: I'm listening to a podcast of this WEEK in TECH and found out Blogger has implemented a captcha word verification process to counter the comment spam that is spreading like cancer! I've activated mine and so should you. :)


  1. yeah! kill those darned spammers!
    die die die...

    i've got only one spammer in my blog so far, but they are annoying no?

    die die die...spammers must die

  2. The person who created spam should go to hell. :P