Saturday, November 05, 2005


Well, another friend decided to end his bachelorhood and today was the wedding reception. It's held at the posh Shangri-La Pinang Ballroom and comes with everything you would expect from a classy hotel like this. It's another reunion of sorts since I had the opportunity to meet up with old schoolmates whom I've not seen for a while now.

As always, weddings are meant to be fun but like every typical Chinese weddings, the music will more than always be turned up a bit too loud! Just to create that 'lau juak' effect, I suppose. Luckily there wasn't any karaoke singing! Phew! For my own wedding (whenever it is... :P), there will definitely be no loud music blaring into your eardrums. If I fail to uphold this promise of mine, please do come up to me and give me a good tongue-lashing but seriously, I might find it quite difficult to make that decision since it's usually NOT your wedding but that of your parent's/relative's/family's... :P

The guys (and girls) decided to go clubbing at glo and chill-out after the wedding. We were probably the rowdiest group on the night. The place was practically littered with former PFS students (not including us, of course!). The music selection was good but not much dancing in the crowd until very much later (waiting for the alcohol to kick in, probably). Yes, I too would need some alcohol to drown my dignity first before I hit the dance floor. Usually, I'll be the designated driver or chaperone and it was no different today. I've to admit this was the first time I felt a little tipsy from the drinking and dancing that I needed to take a breather outside before I could fulfil my role as a driver.

I always dread police roadblocks since my face will more often than not giveaway that I've been drinking. You see, I have very good circulation *ahem*. :P This night however, my friends referred to me as pale instead of lobster. That's new! Anyway, I was so 'fortunate' in meeting a roadblock at the USM backgate but I managed to get away very quite easily. Hmmm...were they in a festive mood or were they considerate enough to let me through after I told them we just came from a wedding? Anyway, I have to say I was very fortunate not to be pulled over. Will there be a next time? :P

Anyway, congratulations to the bride and groom...may the both of you have a very fulfilling life ahead. :)

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