Thursday, June 09, 2005

Proton Savvy: Built Stronger Than You Think

That's what Proton is trying very hard to make you believe with their new model, the Proton Savvy, launched yesterday by former PM Dr. Mahathir who is currently Proton's advisor, among others. The acronym stands for Sophisticated, Avant–Garde, Very Stylish, Very Spacious and Youthful. That acronym won a student the brand new car. Reviews from car enthusiasts and car-buyers have been coming in since the launch but the response has not been encouraging. Many compare the Savvy with the Perodua Myvi and Myvi still comes out top. However, the Savvy did surprise many as it was a product better than they had expected. I have to admit that it looks enticing in the teaser ads but it looks awful in real life. A full report can be read here. Looks like I'm still with the Myvi but I should drop by their dealers one day and see both cars for myself. I must be am I to afford any of these cars in the first place?!?

(picture from MotorTrader)

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