Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Perodua Myvi Official Launching

Tonight will see the launching of Perodua's latest model, the Perodua Myvi. It will be an interesting model since it is the company's first 1.3 model and it will also feature safety specs such as front airbags and ABS with a price range of RM41,200 to RM51,300. Proton's TRM model which has been postponed many times is currently being heavily advertised as potentially a bigger hit than the Perodua Myvi and is persuading potential car-buyers to wait for their model and not regret by buying the Myvi. I doubt that will be the case. If the TRM is that good, why didn't they launch it in February when it was expected to be launched? Perodua has a better reputation compared to Proton and everyone knows that. Time for Proton to admit defeat and do something to change their image once and for all. Hmmm...maybe it's time to trade-in my SLK (no, not that one....I meant my Small, Little Kancil!).

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