Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Southward Bound Bus Ride

It was indeed a gruelling ten hour ride but the ride did start off well. I suppose my somewhat failed plan to watch the Fantastic Four movie turned out to be a good thing. Just as the bus was pulling away, the co-driver popped in a VCD (pirated I assume) and to my pleasure, it was none other than that fateful movie I so 'unfortunately' missed! Although the audiovisual was quite poor, I'm not disappointed since I did understand what was happening and the most important thing is I don't have to spend a single sen watching it! The coach was really very cold. Even after closing the vents, there's still holes for the cold air to flow out! I didn't get much sleep. A loud and annoying man provided some unwanted melody through his snoring. Coupled with the insanely cold environment, I hardly slept throughout the journey. In all truthness, the journey wasn't totally bad but more shut-eye would have been most welcomed though. Oh, Singapore...I come to thee with panda eyes... :p

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