Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dry Spell Continues

People would describe not getting laid after a long period of time as having a dry spell. High-rollers losing consecutive rounds and unable to get a winning hand would blame it on a dry spell. Football strikers failing to score goals match after match would say the are going through a dry spell. As for me, I'm going through a dry spell myself and efforts to break it was unsuccessful today. It has been ages since I went to the movies. It was back in December 2004, the movie - Alexander. I made plans to watch Fantastic Four with my friend tonight but he cancelled because first, he was worried he was going to fall asleep during the movie (this after he made online reservations at the cineplex already) after a tiring day at work and then he apparently had to work overtime or something since his co-worker was on medical leave today resulting in extra work for all. Actually, I wasn't putting much hope in it being a success tonight anyway. I somehow knew it wasn't going to happen. So my dry spell continues and doesn't seem to end anytime soon.

Come to think of it, I can't see how people can go to the movies week in, week out! Well, of course I was a culprit too when I was going out during my high school years. We went to watch a movie every week (or every other week...I can't remember)! The price of a ticket was RM8 for the seats on top (sort of like first class seats). A movie a week for two people would result to something like RM400 for 25 movies (if it was bi-weekly)! That does not even include snacks, transportation, etc. Now then, that seems to be a lot of 'investment' to me! Nowadays, it would be more expensive with premium parking rates, higher fuel prices, costlier movie tickets and loads more! Can you blame me for not wanting to go to the movies? It looks like I'm actually hoping for my dry spell to continue! :P

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