Tuesday, February 07, 2006

88 Free SMS Angpow

To commemorate the Chinese New Year, Maxis gave me 88 free SMS (012/017) angpow that is valid from the 31st January to the 12th of February 2006. Since I only need to pay 1 sen to send an SMS to any 012/017 numbers, that would mean Maxis gave me an angpow equivalent to 88 sen. How generous of Maxis! :P

The thing is, I might not even send that many SMS during the designated period thus making my angpow from Maxis even smaller! By the time the offer starts, I would have sent all my Chinese New Year greetings and have not much use of the free SMS. It's like just another 5 days away and still I'm sure I've not utilised even 1/4 of my allocation.

If they are seriously sincere in giving an angpow, they should do something like allowing us to use the allocation from Chinese New Year eve! They could also offer maybe 88 free MMS instead to promote the use of the new messaging format. How about RM8.88 worth of free credit and it's up to you how you want to utilise the free credit? But frankly, the best angpow would be a permanent reduction in rates. Wouldn't that be great?

Please excuse me now as I try to figure how I will fully utilise my angpow from Maxis.

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