Saturday, February 04, 2006

Double Lap Chun

Lap Chun is the first day of spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. There are two lap chuns (Feb 4 or the beginning of spring) in the Year of the Fire Dog. The Chinese always welcome a year that has a double lap chun because this means greater prosperity and additional wealth luck.

According to feng shui, the Fire Dog Year is productive because fire produces earth. The element of the stem is fire and the element of the dog, the branch of the year, is earth. So 2006 should be a productive year.

As for me, 2006 won't be a good year for the Monkey due to a clashing of elements. Reading my horoscope for the year, it looks like it's going to be a challenging year ahead. I truly hope that is not exactly the case. I'm not exactly superstitious or anything but I really do not need the 'elements' making my problems any more difficult than it already is.

Since there are two lap chuns this year, will there be double joy for me or will the double seventh lunar month bring double misery for me instead? I still believe that it's up to yourself for anything to happen. Anyway, nothing wrong to check these things out and be a little more aware, no? You should too. :)

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